Monday, September 6, 2010

An interns quest!!


As most know DAN is in search for an internship in International Business (Marketing) and our biggest hope is for Las Vegas to bring him on.. Let me explain..In the United States of America there is a huge national International Business company. There is one here in Las Vegas and Dan has been talking to them over the past few months with in hopes we get the 6 months internship here. I hate the idea of packing up and moving for 6 months then maybe coming back here HOW EXPENSIVE!!

WEEELLLLLLL...They emailed him back on Friday and said...
They are bringing on two jobs (not interns) so they wont be bringing interns on in Jan...SAD DAY!! I want to cry...

So now we are back to square one and who knows where we will be going at the first of the year IF ANYWHERE!! Our fingers are now crossed for Canada!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


OK OK OK..I swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing blah blah blah...
I am here to write on my blog. Its been forever and I have lots of pics to post. at some point lol

Unlce Jan I have one for you for sure...

So much has happened since my last entry....
I started a new job with an insurance firm..I do miss teaching my heart is broken but Maybe all the plans we made would not work out But I have no doubt even though it's hard to see I've got faith in us and I believe in you and me!! (Michael Buble) I know thats random but thats what I tell myself over this job change. I have faith that I have been guided in this direction for a reason. I love the people I work with, they are such sweet people.

Dan is set to graduate in December and we are sending save the dates out Monday for the party also! He has interviewed with a few internships (our fingers are crossed and prayers are still for Vegas) We are just excited for this to be his last semester. Time has gone by so fast with his schooling.

Sophie is amazing and so smart. I cant help but smile even if its a diva fit she is casting. She cracks me up when I dress her in the mornings. She has to check herself in the mirror to make sure she is "pretty" in her words.

Well thats all for tonight..I promise I will post at least once a week..That is my goal..I have shut out the Internet and I need to get back to creating my blog/journal.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hello Hello

Wow I send out our blog info to friends and family at Christmas time...And guess who doesn't keep up with her blog....Silly goose.
Since December we have been through a lot.
Sophie is Such a big girl!! We just had her 1st birthday(pictures to come) She ate so much cake and got to go swimming. She was doggie paddling everywhere. When it was time to get out all heck broke loose. She wanted to stay in the pool so bad. She loves to read books to me..In her own baby babble but its cute. She has gotten really good at climbing up our stairs. She is a handful but so much fun.
Dan is set to Graduate Dec. 14th and we are hoping we can get the family to come out and celebrate this event together. He is graduating in International Business and is searching for Internships across the US and maybe out of this country. We shall see. He is so busy with work and school.
I have been a busy worker bee this year. The plan was to not work so much and stay home more often with the baby, since I started substitute teaching. Well that didn't really happen. As I had stated before my best friend Wendy called last summer and told me that she had 6 months worth of teaching for me. That sounded great so I took it and that ended me up in a 2nd grade sub position, finishing up the year. So I have been working at the same school, in a steady classroom, really getting to know the students. I have had the chance to learn so much, thanks to this opportunity. My education in teaching has become reality with this hands on experience.
So thats the Royal fam right now....I promise to do a better job at this.....tootles

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our first Christmas..

What a wonderful time of the year. Even though we live in Vegas where the snow doesn't fall and not many people put lights up anymore, I still find myself in the Christmas Spirit with family.
This year has had many changes, most for the best...

Sophie - As you know she was born in April and she is growing everyday. The doc says shes two months ahead of her age in physical development. She has been pulling her self up to standing position since she was 6 months old.She is using her vowels sounds so much even though she doesn't understand the vowels she is saying(like mama and dada), that normally develops around 9 months so the Doc told us. She is crawling every where and looks more and more like her daddy as she gets older. She still doesn't have any teeth hurray for me!! Also we started giving her table food and oh boy does she go crazy when she sees it.

Dan - Has had a great year, with doors opening and closing. He started UNLV and plays a Trombone in a band. His major is International Business with a French and Economics minor. He was released from Elders Quorum Secretary and got placed in the primary as the 12yr old's teacher.

Val - So many changes I must say!! I quit my job at the firm that I had for the past 7 years in order to substitute teach, (I mainly work with Elementary students since that's where my degree is) this has been such a great experience and has let me know that yes, I would love to be a teacher some day. The biggest reason I made this change was for Sophie, I felt prompted that I needed to be with her more, so this gives me the advantage to stay home when I need to. I got released from my calling as the achievement day leader and now I am a Miamaids advisor. I love it so much and feel as though I need to be with these young women. I will also be working on my personal progress.

Royal Fam- We both graduated from community college together in May with our associates. We are just so busy with everyday life and grow more and more in love with every new task!! I am so happy we can share our lives with you so please enjoy your Holidays and have a Happy New Year!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

5 Months

Wow how the time is passing us by!! Our little baby is growing like crazy. Today she is 5 months old and is smart as can be.

We started giving her cereal a few weeks ago. It took a few tries before she really got the idea of what to do with it.

She coo's all the time (even at 3am) And when she is mad, she, in my words goes off on us. She will coo yell as I would say. When we talk to her she is fixated on our lips trying to figure out how to imitate us.

She has started rolling over. Her first time was in her sleep and it freaked us out but we realized its normal and thats the only way she will sleep now, on her little tummy.

She crawled haha scooted herself right off of the bed (Shes becoming mobile sooner than we would like)

All in all she is a pleasure to have with us.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


AS everyone know or little Girl was Born in April and we adore her.
I was so scared of giving birth but its was pretty easy. I went in on Monday the 6th and they started me on cervidil (which made it easier to give birth) I woke up around 3am to throw up but thats ok!! Then about 6 I took a shower, they came in at 7am and started patosin, I got my drug shot around 8 and it felt like heaven. I felt nothing, you see people screaming and in pain and all not me I was just chillen. Dan almost misses everything around 8:30 he leaves to take a shower cause I was only at a 4 soo he had time. He forgets his cell phone and I am at an 8 a few mins later. We are calling neighbors and my house everything. So they get ahold of him and he rushes back, the doc comes in a min later (not aware that the baby was coming so soon either) so at 9am exact so was here.
Then we blessed her the first weekend in May. Her father gave her a beautiful blessing and she was encircled by those who love her most. My uncle came down too that was so sweet!!

We also graduated from CSN TOGETHER!! so exciting.

There were four of us together. Me of course, Dan, My best friend(I have known him since we were 8) Brian and his brother in law all walked together.

And Last my of course not least Sophie turns two months and is smiling and talking like crazy!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

A contraction is worth a million pains!!

Wow just a little update!! No pains yet just uncomfy, not fun tightening that makes it so I cant breath and it has been going on for 2 days now!! Blah someone cant sleep. Thats all...
Just a few more days ok or a week or so!! We shall see!!